Common Health Problems in Men According to World Reports

The world today has been over flooded by very many health issues which affect both men and women despite the age bracket. Out of the ten top most killer diseases, it has been found out that the rate of death in men is much higher as compared to that of women.

It has also become apparent that men die at a much younger age as compared to women who die at a much older age. The deteriorating health and well being of men around the world has been attributed to various factors like; weak health education, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of awareness as well as unhealthy work. Below are some of the most common health problems in men according to various world reports.

Common health problems in men


A man with strokeStroke is one of the top killers according to world health reports. This disease has been reported one and a half times more in men than in women. According to the American stroke association this rate decreases as the age of the two sexes increases. It is worth noting that the main risk factor that leads to stroke is hypertension. Other factors include; personal medical history, smoking, diabetes as well as high cholesterol levels. It is therefore important for men to check on their lifestyles to reduce death as a result of the stroke.

Heart diseases

This is another very common health problem that is found in men. Heart diseases have been known to be amongst the topmost killers in the world. Research has shown that twice as many men die due to conditions related to cardiovascular system as compared to women. Further reports have also indicated that one in every four men is suffering from a heart condition. According to Professor Gregory from the Wake Forest University, heart diseases usually start manifesting itself ten years earlier in men as compared to women.

Lung cancer

Another major health problem that is common in men is lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading killer cancer and has been reported to kill more men as compared to colon or even prostate cancer combined. Research has shown that there are about two hundred and fifty thousand new lung cancer cases this year and more than one hundred and fifty thousand deaths. This is has been attributed to increased smoking of tobacco and other substances and to an extent air pollution.

Prostate cancer

A sick manMany men have cases that relate to prostate health conditions. This has mostly led to prostate cancer. This type of cancer is commonly found in men and is the second leading killer of men when it comes to cancerous diseases. There is no much information on what causes prostate cancer, but if it is diagnosed in the earlier stages, it can be treated. It does not show any symptoms in its early stages, and it’s therefore very difficult to know what the patient is suffering from.

Depression and suicide

This is another common health problem in men. According to MNH reports, men are likely to commit suicide four times more than women. This is mostly associated with lack of early diagnosis of depression mostly in men. In most cases, men are most unlikely to open up about any problems they might be undergoing, unlike women who open up easily. This leads to depression which finally leads to some committing suicide.

There are very many health problems that are commonly found in men that have been attributed to very many factors the main being lifestyle. The problems discussed above are just but some of the main health problems in men. Every man should endeavor to reduce these problems by living a healthy lifestyle.