4 Top Reasons That Make Plastic Surgery Unsuitable For You

In the past, plastic surgery was rarely practiced as it is today; people would often opt for it in very needy cases of body reconstruction due to accidents and body disfigurement. This century has seen an increased widespread use of plastic surgery for many reasons and the most common of all being beauty. Aesthetically people tend to appreciate body perfection in as far as appearance is concerned. You will have people raging over a perfect nose, chin or ears, fuller lips, big or small perky breasts, round butt, trim tummy and curvy waistline. In a nutshell, the list is endless, and the plastic surgeon is always there, ready to give you what you want.

Amidst all the frenzy, you should always weigh your options before you get carried away in the crowd. Think of it this way; a coin always has two sides just like every other thing under the sun has its shortcoming and benefit. While everyone will try and convince you that plastic surgery is the best for you, I may just harbor a totally different perspective here are four reasons why:

  • Very costly

ethnhfrgfhgjfThe money you will spend on one plastic surgery procedure could be worth your entire life’s saving. Yes, this may just be the right profession to be in the right now, plastic surgeons all around the world are cashing in big time. Last year, America spent an estimated $7billion was spent in plastic surgery procedures alone. Let’s compare these particular charges, on average a tummy tuck costs over $5,000 and nose job over $4,000. After that, you will have to factor in key issues like regular touch ups and re-procedures if you were not satisfied.

  • It’s one risky business

Not all plastic surgery procedures are 100 % successful, and in this pool, you might just land your nose into the hands of a quack. As I mentioned earlier, plastic surgeons are making bucks a big time, and if you think of it, anyone with little skill will want to make cash quick. Very few surgeons have set the reputation in giving their clients the best simple procedures and their prices are very costly. Fakes come by cheaply, but they have only landed many into their coffins.

  • It’s not permanent

Why spend so much money for something that would eventually look shoddier than it did before? You can get a breast implant but I bet you, they will eventually slacken. Take, for example, the face lift; you’ll look five years younger immediately after the surgical procedure and when the glossy time is up you end up looking 20 years older! What a sham.thyj5ujghds

  • It is quite addictive

What amazes me is that the world of addictions keeps on growing. We now have new addicts, the plastic surgery addicts. It can start small with a nose job; later you realize that the nose you bought doesn’t suit your face structure and before you know it you are in the theater reconstructing your face.